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  • ROM-Synthesizer for NI Kontakt
  • Physical Modelling / Synthesizer Samples
  • Three Layers Per Patch
  • Design Your Own Sounds
  • Excellent Workflow
  • Over 200 Patches
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Darker Digital presents Rompulator, a Kontakt-scripted ROM-synthesizer designed for multi-layer patches built from synthetic basses, brasses, strings, bells, choirs and more. 





Rather than being pre-recorded, each single Rompulator instrument is created from up to three layers of looped multisamples inside Kontakt. 
Thanks to this classic approach known from hardware romplers, Rompulator manages to have a low size of roughly 500 MB and virtually no patch loading time. The factory library consists of over 200 totally customizable patches. Rompulator's GUI and synthesis features have been optimized for multi-layer sound design.

Page Selector

Each stage of the signal flow has it's own page, allowing for a clean and organized GUI.

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FX Selector

All filters, modulation and effects are applied purely inside Kontakt, giving you the possibility to tweak absolutely everything to your personal taste.

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ROM Selector

Every layer has a selection of 49 synthetic instruments, which can be switched instantly with the push of a button. 

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Part Selector

A single Rompulator patch (.nki) is composed of three layers A, B and C.

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  • 200+ patches
  • Three layers per patch
  • Selection of 49 instruments per layer
  • One 3-band EQ and two filters per layer
  • Four filter types per layer (24dB LP, 12dB LP, 12dB HP, Phaser) 
  • Master FX Section: LP/HP, Delay, Reverb 
  • Kontakt 4.2 and Kontakt 5 versions included. (Kontakt 5 Version uses the new K5 ladder filters)


Rompulator Full Version: $89 

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Download the free Rompulator Lite version here!